About Us

Mykiea is a startup that provides an interactive touchscreen display on the Mykiea Legacy Smart Urn that enables customers to upload and distribute family images straight to a loved one’s digital urn. Genealogical and ancestral history may be accessed at the user’s fingertips without caring about flowers or gardening. With the Mykiea Legacy Mobile app, you’ll be able to take advantage of all of these fantastic new features, making your time with Mykiea one to remember for years to come.

By making remembrance more memorable,  Mykiea  gives the passing of our loved ones an innovative technological way to echo their memory throughout the years to come.


Additionally, we provide most of the things one needs to usher our loved ones into the next stage of our humanity, respectfully, lovingly, and with the dignity they deserve. In this effort, we strive for perfection and aim for longevity.

Our goal is to give families a meaningful way to keep their loves ones close and their memories fresh.

The Story Behind Mykiea:

Mykiea M. Miller was accused of taking her goods from a lady’s vehicle; however, the courts and witnesses testified that they had no evidence or proof of Mykiea being anywhere near the incident. Mykiea had always envisioned herself as an entrepreneur while serving a prison sentence for a crime she didn’t commit. In cell evenings, she writes about her business ideas and ponders how to improve herself. It finally struck that she could use her limited resources and access to a cellphone to develop a solution to the problem of being able to couple anything with a mobile app. After Mykiea approached an innovation firm with her concept, they got to work on the legal papers. As it turned out, Mykiea had enough money to cover the cost of the 20-year patent for $6,000. The LLC for Mykiea Holdings Trademark Design patent enlisted the help of a designer to bring her concept to life. Mykiea’s goal is to make Mykiea’s legacy smart urn the next multi-billion dollar business in Alabama and create 1,000 employment.

She is still being held incarcerated in one of the United States worst prison in Al where Governor Kay ivey has the Power to commute sentences and release mykiea/ It would not prejudice justice in any way for the Alabama board of pardon and paroles to review mykiea records that would indicate that she is a non violent offender, and in prison serving 25 yrs for a illegal trial where the district attorney John Oxford of Baldwin county Alabama bribed the jury with compensation to convict out Founder Mykiea. We are as a community and a whole  trying to spread the word and raise awareness to the cause of a very talented mistaken individual has created one of the best invention of the 21st century Alabama Prison system. If you Google it is one of the most overcrowded and dangerous corrections system and their idea of punishment is to lock you away and throw away the key not even knowing who you really are or what’d you become. Everyone in life make mistakes especially early in life but to show the perseverance endurance to overcome the obstacles of creating and building a product and executing the parent process obtaining an LLC in the state of Alabama to operate the next multi billion dollar company that will bring 1,000’s of jobs to Alabama why not release her?

That’s Mykiea’s mission is to improve the life and quality of those families that have been left behind to exchange into a more glorious afterlife and to know with confidence that there won’t be a day missed that your loved ones legacy won’t be shared, remembered and digitally preserved for generations to come. Please support and share this to encourage others who have the power to change and as loyal early stage adopters believe in this mission for this product to exist all you have to do is believe and act on it.

Founder of Mykiea Legacy Smart Urn
Mykiea M.Miller


With the love and support of this double duo clan, please welcome mykiea Legacy Smart urn CEO Marlin and Christina. They  are committed to the  excellence of preserving your loved ones legacy with dignity and respect and are dedicated to not only Preserving your family Legacy but also in promoting and operating this company in place of the company Founder Mykiea M Miller for only a short time until our founders expected return.