Talking headstones- A look at the Metaverse Cemetery

As we get older, it seems that we spend more time reflecting on the question: What did I leave this world that will be remembered approximately 100 years after I’m gone? We are not all construction professionals who can endure the ravages of time, nor are we all tree gardeners who can ensure that their trees will be there for the next century.

Every parent and grandparent considers or wants to provide “something” to their children and grandchildren. Leaving assets or fortune to loved ones is a desire for some, while receiving a specific inheritance may be the objective for others.

One generation can value heritage objects lost to history only when they are discovered two generations later by another generation.

When attempting to identify an unmarked grave in a cemetery, you may likely come across tombstones with etched designs of strangers. Having read the condolences expressed by the families of those who have passed away, maybe you even felt a sense of kinship. Over time, these markings fade, and we are left with only their names to remember the departed. Because of the developments made possible by the digital era, digital gravestones may now be used to pay respect to loved ones in physical form while also providing you with an online opportunity to remember the fantastic tales of those who have passed away.

What is a Digital Tombstone?

Digitalizing tombstones is probably the last thing that comes to mind when considering what objects should be digitized. However, digital tombstones are already available and are expected to grow more popular in the next few years. This article will assist you in becoming more knowledgeable about tombstones created using high-tech technologies and how to purchase them.

  • Display – Instead of a standard gravestone, the modern tombstone is equipped with an LCD screen of 48 inches, allowing family members to show photographs, videos, and even text about their loved ones. While it is now only available inside the confines of this specific cemetery, one technology is expected to become more widely available and accessible shortly.
  • Scan – For those considering a smart tombstone, it is possible to have a gravestone engraved with the QR code, which is described in greater detail further below. Families will connect with digital tombstones by adding new statements, tales, images, and videos, among other things, to their memorial.
  • An all-in-one package – By contrast with conventional grave markers, the digital tombstone may provide several benefits in remembering loved ones and recalling their lives after they have passed away. Modern technology has improved this one-of-a-kind monument, which combines the past with the present. Several features make it easy for you to pass on the legacy of your loved ones to the next generation.

Digital Tombstone; a Legacy for Next Generation

Compared to the degree of interest in graveyards that exist on the internet, the number of people who visit graveyards in person is relatively low.

Numerous cemeteries are presently digitally storing the details of all graves and monuments so that the information may be published and searched for in the Deceased Records database, which is gradually being developed. The data is accessible via a variety of registries, and there are regular connections to the most prominent genealogical websites and your website if you have one. For the most part, it is accessible to anybody with an internet connection, but because of the large number of registrations available, it may be perplexing for people who are unfamiliar with the system. However, if they could travel directly to the cemetery as the source of information, it would be a chance for your organization to garner additional attention.

Easy Access to Heritage

How much of your time do you commit to searching for the remains of the deceased? This kind of search is the most common in many cemeteries, and it takes the most time to complete since documents may have been printed on paper, destroyed, or lost. The ability to convert all of your information to be accessible online provides you with the opportunity to search for documents quickly and accurately based on a set of criteria. Although this is not classic tourism in the traditional sense, every visitor who comes to your website to enquire about information is likely to be a possible customer in the long run.

Smart Tombstone, a New Metaverse

In addition to communicating directly with the families of those buried on your property, you can also share with your community and the taphophiles mentioned earlier through social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can establish a direct line of communication with your target audience, which may include people you have never met in person before. This implies that you may advertise events and activities and have your audience spread the word about these events to their social circles.

Digital Mapping

Plots and monuments on the grounds of your cemetery are pinpointed using GPS or digital mapping. You may not realize that the cemetery you are now in has hand-drawn drawings, but how accurate are they? Is it possible that they resemble your property? Every plot (or any other site) is assigned a precise GPS coordinate, allowing you to verify the position of your grounds using digital mapping.

The grounds of your cemetery are well-maintained, and visitors may easily traverse through them to find the specific site they’re searching for. Think of going to a cemetery for the first time and then using Google Maps to take you to a particular place or grave on your second or third visit. People from far away may view these sites and even look at photographs of monuments and headstones if uploaded online using the same technology that allows visitors from close by to see them. This opens the door to a whole new consumer base for your company.

Cemeteries may also use mapping to locate Points of Interest, including renowned persons, exciting architecture, historical landmarks, and other such things. It’s also a critical tool for keeping track of inventory on the cemetery grounds. It distinguishes between plots that are in use or have been pre-sold and available for free, providing a rapid overview of their availability.

Are Virtual Headstones Real?

Because gravestones and cemeteries contain a wealth of historical and genealogical information, technologies have been developed to make them more accessible to a worldwide audience and more appealing to visitors. Gravestone digitization can be beneficial in several ways, including making it easier to locate gravestones in remote areas, saving an image of markers that may later be affected by the weathering process, overgrowth of vegetation, or vandalism; and enabling computer-aided search and retrieval. When viewed from a distance, it appears to be a standard tombstone, even though it is a rather extravagant one.

However, as someone approaches the gravestone, sensors change it into a digital display with tailored digital material, rather than simply the names of the departed, which are static on the monument. If no one is standing in front of the waterproof gravestone, it will display the name of the dead, as well as their birth and death dates, as well as the date of death. After death, this is a very technologically sophisticated state of affairs. When it comes to what is possible to exhibit, imagination is the only restriction.

Why Choose Mykiea

  • App-Based Monitoring – Mobile phones and other internet-connected devices may use the 360-degree camera to keep track of the position of graves. The Mykiea app makes it simple for mourners’ loved ones to find the gravesite where their loved one has been laid to rest.
  • Digital Display – At first look, the waterproof tombstones may seem no different from conventional ones. But the interactive touchscreen is used to show photos, movies, and other information about the departed.
  • Track the Visitors – Don’t be alarmed if someone you care about is mistreated. Changes in funeral rituals are inevitable as time goes on.
  • 24/7 Connectivity – Smart tombstones will be available monthly, with prices beginning at $15. It has a 5G LTE technology surveillance package that monitors and secures a cherished family member’s sleeping environment with unlimited Internet and Bluetooth connection throughout the day.
  • Free Flower – Free weekly flower delivery for a whole month. In addition, one month of free lawn care service and installation and setup.
  • Endowment Charity – Smart Tombstone NFT plans to give 25% of its profits to 9/11-related charities and progressive groups. As part of our Tombstone repurchase campaign, we intend to replace 1 billion existing tombstones with Mykiea Legacy Smart Tombstones.
  • Free Refund – The first shipments of Mykiea Smart Tombstones should begin in the autumn of 2023. When the order ships, we’ll take pre-orders for $500 or $3000. This is helpful since our purchase cost $4250 if we hadn’t placed a pre-order. We’ll also return your $500 deposit in total if you change your mind, so you have nothing to worry about.

Final Thoughts

Cemeteries were initially intended to be locations where visitors and mourners might come to look around and get a sense of the surrounding region. As people’s views regarding death and funerals change, and as interest in genealogy continues to develop, it is only inevitable that memorial gardens and cemeteries will become the next hot tourist destination. It is also beneficial to inform your local community about the fascinating history of your graveyard and the exciting things that can be found in your cemetery to increase the visibility of your business and products in the community.

It is also important to note that it is not only the larger cemeteries contributing to this increase; numerous websites are collecting and archiving information about cemeteries, which volunteers have compiled. Individuals who visit cemeteries may post photographs, transcriptions of headstone inscriptions, and other essential details about cemeteries for the benefit of the general public. Visit Mykiea to tailor your smart tombstone design!

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