Time for Tombstones to Go Digital- Bringing the Dead Back to Life

Digital memorials offer more than just a way to preserve a loved one’s memory—a story about the dead with a plea for everlasting life.

When you hear the word “cemetery,” what comes to mind? The place where we bid our loved ones goodbye and wish them the best of luck in their next life. However, the needs of this new era go well beyond that.

Cemeteries have long been considered one of the best sources of historical information, yet now they’re primarily mute.

Have you ever spent time at a cemetery reading the eloquent memorials erected by people who had no idea who the persons buried there were?

People have shaped the past, and everyone has a narrative to tell that is intertwined with the whole. While these tales are lost when individuals die, we just have facts about a location to go on. With today’s technology, it’s no longer the only option. A cemetery has yet to benefit from the digital era, but digital gravestones preserve life stories of those who have passed away and contributed to the character of our cities.

To preserve and tell, digital tombstones will contain thousands of daily tales, which will transform into the most extensive open record of a specific place’s history.

A Tombstone with Interactive Connections

Creating heartfelt monuments for the departed is at the core of this new invention. For us, it is a natural impulse to memorialize our loved ones in the most meaningful way. We can get help with this, thanks to Mykiea Smart Tombstones nowadays. Families and friends can relive their lives using integrated displays that display photographs and audio recordings of deceased individuals’ lives. Even if they don’t know the individual, strangers may learn more about their life than just their name and the period in which they lived.

Custom Design of your Choice

This digital era has made the gravestone more than just a cemetery headstone or a place to store a person’s name or a photograph. Because of this, digital tombstones are more than just a place to remember the deceased. It has evolved into a story about the departed, a plea for everlasting life.

The design of a digital gravestone is almost limitless. Your children and other visitors who visit the cemetery will be able to learn more about you if you include a lot of personal information on your gravestone while you’re still alive and well.

Reasons Why Families are Choosing Smart Tombstones

  • Loss and grief may be lessened by relating to someone via photos and tales. As a final benefit, it enables you to remember and heal the person you’ve lost discreetly and at your own speed, according to your preferences.
  • This is a meaningful and personal way to grieve and remember the person you care about. Digital tombstones may be used to replace existing gravestones or to commemorate the recent death of a loved one. This will be an excellent place for families, friends, and loved ones to gather for generations to come.
  • It is now possible to construct a bespoke monument to celebrate the lives and memories of those who have passed away using the most advanced technologies for virtual funerals. In addition, your children and their children will be able to visit the site and learn more about your family’s history, thanks to virtual tombstones.
  • They are leaving a better and more comprehensive mark. Digital gravestones allow family members to post tributes and recollections of their deceased loved ones online. The memories you leave behind will be a priceless legacy for future generations.
  • It may be saved and accessed at any time. Unlike other funeral technologies, the information, facts, life stories, and images of your loved ones will be preserved and kept for eternity. As a result, you’ll have complete control over when and how you use it. You may access your data as long as you have internet connectivity.

Benefits of using digital headstones

Its advantages have made it a trendy technique, as the live view feature may be placed on gravestones, allowing visitors to:

  • Customize – Personalize the linked memorial web page by entering your information in the form fields provided.
  • Add-ons – Add additional details to an old tombstone.
  • Secured – All of your memories may be preserved and shared via photos, movies, and audio recordings.
  • Digital – Save lengthy correspondence from loved ones and acquaintances.
  • Easy Access – You may access the digital website using a smartphone, internet connection, and a QR code scanning app.
  • A Click Away – Use the internet or your mobile phone to get all of the information you need on your deceased loved ones.

You may narrate the tale of your family’s history for future generations by placing a digital marker on the gravestone. Save money and memories with Mykiea Smart Tombstones.

Who would want a digital tombstone over a traditional one?

You’ll be amazed at what you can do if you just let your mind soar!

There is an intense desire among most people to leave a lasting impression on future generations by preserving the memory of their life and their accomplishments.

The ability to store our memories and pass them on to future generations has given us digital tombstones.Anything we want can be passed onto future generations. We can teach our descendants not to make the same mistakes we did or encourage them to follow the new-age technology of digital tombstones.

It is possible to customize digital monuments in several ways.

  • A wide range of display sizes and orientations are available.
  • advanced human-computer interfaces.
  • Hard-weather/outdoor/indoor variations
  • sound quality
  • connection through a wireless network,
  • Added safety measures
  • the ability to function without electricity.

How does a smart tombstone work?

Virtual tombstones may serve as an interactive monument for those who have lost loved ones. The Mykiea app serves as an online memorial for loved ones who have passed away. There are several uses for this form of digital entity, such as

  • Sayings and Videos.
  • Various recollections of a deceased family member.

Gravestones might be enormous and difficult to find when it comes to gravestones. The digital tombstone fills a void by letting friends and family pay their respects to the deceased. You can keep track of their accomplishments, view their images, and meditate on their stories without leaving your home.

Passwords are increasingly being shared among family members who are confident in the recipient’s security. The purpose of this is to guarantee that people can manage their digital life after they die.

What Is the Purpose of Digital Tombstones?

  • A personal online place created to honor the life and memories of a loved one may serve as a fitting memorial for the virtual cemetery.
  • The most significant advantage is that anybody with access to the internet may participate from anywhere on the globe.
  • Increasingly, families in grief are being allowed to memorialize their loved ones in a more personalized way.
  • These digital monuments are constantly evolving due to the fast advancement of technology and the internet and social media platforms. Uploading a video or images or condolences may be one of them. Other features include the option to publish a story or information with others.

Do Digital Tombstones Cost Much?

You may use an existing memorial website or create your own online or virtual tombstone tribute. Because of how easy it is to use, the second option is preferred by most households. If you have 30 minutes or less, you may create and personalize them.

Mykiea Smart Tombstones will be ready to ship in fall 2023. We are offering Pre order with $500 and $3000 once the order ships. This will benefit as our order price is $4250 without pre order. We also offer a 100% refund of your $500 deposit so you don’t have to worry.

Are our online memorials secure?

  • Regarding online tombstones, privacy and security concerns are the most critical considerations for the families concerned. Every family member has the choice of making their memorial website public or keeping it “private” so that relatives and friends may only access it.
  • A password-protected option is also for the most secure security and encryption techniques. Only the persons to whom you have provided the password will be able to view your family’s digital tombstone and the data it contains.

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